10 Best Golf Driver for Seniors and Slow Swing Speeds 2020

Playing golf is not only fun, but also it has enormous physical and mental benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, weight loss, social interaction, enhancing mental health, and many more!!

A huge percentage of older and senior’s people love to be play golf because playing golf is not as physically demanding as other sports.

But Still, as a golfer when they hit the age of 50, their body starts to challenge them more often after a single round of golf.

Their muscle might take longer to relax, and tiredness remains rather than disappear after a good sleep.

It is the age when they aren’t able to swing the clubs as powerfully and fast as they used to do at a younger age.

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But it doesn’t mean that you must give up and quit this great game. Instead, as a senior golfer, you must adapt their fitness, swings, and their equipment.

As a senior golfer, the first thing that drops naturally is the swing speed. We all know the harder we swing and hit, the farther the golf ball goes, and at the age of 50, they aren’t able to swing that harder. So by choosing the latest and right drivers, they can maximize the ball speed.

If you already hit the golden age of 50 and still love to play golf, please keep reading, the article will help ease into the golf game.

Before compiling a list of the best golf drivers for seniors, let’s first take a look at some important factors that you need to know before selecting the proper driver.

What must you look out when buying the best golf driver?

As a senior and older golfer, you will have a slower swing speed; you must consider the following factor to overcome this problem. There are some essential factors you must know before buying a golf driver.

The launch angle

At the age of 50, most often, you can produce higher swing speed, so the slower you deliver swing speed, the higher the launch angle will require.

For example, at a lower end of the scale, the swing speed of 70-80 mph would produce from the launch angle of 12-14 degrees. So if you’re swinging at more than 100mph, you must select a driver with a launch angle of 9-11 degrees.

The shaft

The shaft is the most critical factor when it comes to the modification for the senior golfers. There are some factors you must consider about shaft;

  • Weight

The lighter the shaft, the more you will enjoy the game, the lighter shaft has lots of benefits for senior golfers. Today, we are witnessing the best-modified golf equipment. With the help of the latest technology and perfect material, the shaft weights are going to down below 60 grams, and it is further going down up to 50 grams. This will help people over 50 to have great control and grip over the club.

  • Flexibility

The lower swinging speeds require higher flexibility. If you are producing a swing speed over 110mph, and then you must go for an extra thick shaft. But if you are swinging with a lower speed than 110mph, go for a regular shaft, which has more flexibility.

  • Length

The longer shaft will produce a higher swinging speed and will result in a better distance. But you must know that; it is always challenging to control the longer shaft, so make sure you have great experience and skill to take advantage of the longer shaft, if no, better to stick with a regular one.

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Best Golf Drivers for seniors


Buying the best golf drivers for seniors is always a bittersweet endeavor. There are plenty of choices available in the market, but we have tested some of the best golf drivers in the market. Furthermore, we also looked at the features of famous clubs, have read so many reviews of professionals, took the feedback from senior golfers who are already using these golf drivers, and we are come up with Top 10  best golf drivers for seniors.


1.  TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver 

TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver


The TaylorMade SLDR is the best senior golf driver, which offers a great combination of forgiveness and the distance. Thus drivers will enable the older golfers to hit the ball like they were doing at a younger age.

It is the best golf driver for all seniors golfers who has a slow swing.

TaylorMade SLDR golf driver is a dominant driver in the market by having perfect launch angle height, higher ball speed with a low spin rate.

What else do senior golfers need? They can get impressive performances with TaylorMade SLDR.

It also lets you allow to shift the weight. As a senior golfer, you would prefer to have more weight towards grip end than the driver side of the club.

TaylorMade has taken the fuss and hassle of adjusting the weight, and now it’s super easy to adjust the weight.

This golf driver also features the Loft Sleeve Technology, which enables you to adjust the driver’s loft very easily to match it with your swing speed.

  • Pros
  • Offers excellent adjustability

  • Low spin rate
  • Longer shaft
  • Super forgiveness
  • Cons
  • On the heavier side


2.  Callaway Men’s XR Driver – Best driver for slow swing speeds 

Callaway Men's XR Driver


Callaway Men’s XR driver allows the senior golfers to hit the ball well with an absolute forgiving and large sweet spot that produce high speed with an even slower swing.

The big sweet spot also gives more confidence to senior golfers to get outstanding performance with their swing.

This golf driver features incredible shaft flexibility and excellent balancing, which is specially designed to provide for slower swing up to 100mph or less. It transfers your maximum energy to the ball to produce greater distance.

Callaway also reduces the face weight up to 10% on the golf driver and also enhances the energy transfer, speed, and distance.

  • Pros
  • Great flexibility

  • Light shaft weight
  • Great accuracy
  • Perfect loft angle
  • Cons
  • A bit stiff


3.  Cobra 2017 Golf Men’s King F7 

Cobra 2017 Golf Men's King F7


Cobra seems to be one of the best golf drivers for seniors. It is designed from a carbon fiber crown, which yields up to 20% lighter top that enables perfect weight distribution into the driver’s head and produces maximum forgiveness and longer distance.

It comes up with three different central gravity setting at the back, heel, and front position. These three different positions enable the golfers to set the positions as prefer tune to produce maximum great distance even with a slow swing.

The senior golfers can now adjust the loft setting to manage trajectory via MYFLY8. Furthermore, they can also change the loft angles to maintain trajectory to attain maximum swing speed.

  • Pros
  • Light shaft weight

  • Great shat length
  • Regular shaft flex
  • Adjustable loft
  • High-quality driver
  • Cons
  • Some golfers complaints, couldn’t hit near


4.  PGX Offset Driver 

PGX Offset Driver


If you are looking to buy the best golf driver for seniors at a budget price, the PGX offset driver should be the perfect choice for you.

The matte black PGX offset driver uses a neon green indicator that gives the senior golfers a line to the center of the clubface. The smooth back finish on the head makes for impressive alignment.

It comes up with a fixed hosel offset, which enhances accuracy and helps to keep your drive straight.

PGX offset driver has a large sweet spot which helps with off-center strikes for high-handicappers.

  • Pros
  • Fixed hosel

  • Slick black finish
  • Large sweet spot
  • Budgeted driver
  • Cons
  • Poor material use on the PGX offset driver


5.  TaylorMade M4 Draw Driver 

TaylorMade M4 Draw Driver


TaylorMade is the most trusted and famous brand when it comes to the best golf driver for seniors. They created the best and alternative version of the legendary M4 series along with a draw model, which delivers impressive performances to older age golfers who want to enhance and help with a slice from the driver they can most trust.

The offset face of TaylorMade M4 reduces sidespin, which helps slices for straight and true ball flight.

It has an adjustable rear weight in the slow, which helps relocate the CG (center of gravity) for longer shots.

  • Pros
  • Offset face

  • Adjustable rear weight
  • Good looking design
  • Great forgiveness
  • Cons
  • Don’t have moveable weights


6.  Medicus DA Dual Hinged Driver 

Medicus DA Dual Hinged Driver


The Medicus DA Dual Hinged driver is specially designed with a dual-hinge, which helps the senior golfers to fix their swing and enhance their flexibility and distance. It is effortless to set the swing with this driver. The hinged clubs shafts always remain straight.

The hinged design stands out this driver in the market compared to other popular brands. It enables you to adopt a perfect swing and enhance accuracy and distance. Medicus is the ideal driver for all those senior golfers who try to fix their swing.

This driver is super easy to use and helps the senior golfers to figure out the hard areas and allows them to customized and fix it with hinged design.

  • Pros
  • Quality driver

  • Great hinged design
  • Hinged shaft
  • Cons
  • Don’t has many features as other brands


7.  Titleist 915 D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver 

Titleist 915 D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver


Titleist is always at the top when it comes to manufacturing the best golf drivers for seniors. It has put a lot of effort into designing one of the best drivers for senior golfers with slow swing speed.

Titleist 915 D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver is highly recommended for older golfers; it has an optimal launch angle that produces less spin. This golf driver works excellent even with low speed as 85mph.

It is one of the longest drivers for older golfers the deliver great distance effortlessly and with low spin speed.

It features Active Recoil Channel (ARC) technology that causes to increase the ball speed and lets it cover higher distance even at low spin speed.

The Radial speed face that has a thickness in the middle allows covering more distance even it isn’t stuck perfectly. As a result, the senior golfers will get incredible performance.

The Titleist 915D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Drive produces outstanding distance and offers excellent control even on the mishit shots. This is the best golf driver for seniors who want higher speed with less spin rate.

  • Pros
  • Super ultra-forgiving

  • Produce higher speed with less spin rate
  • Offers excellent control
  • Cons
  • Not forgiving when it stuck low

  • CG is excellent but not adjustable
  • Price is a bit high


8.  PING G25 Graphite Regular Driver 



PING G25 is the latest driver in the G-range of Ping golf drivers. It is the ideal one for senior golfers. One of the most amazing features that make it stand out in the market and make it the best golf driver for seniors is, you can customize the loft setting very easily, and it will allow you to get the perfect launch angle for maximizing speed.

The body is made up of a robust and ultra-light titanium alloy. This is the best golf driver that specially designed for seniors golfers allowing them to produce more speed out of their swing.

The forgiving head, sizable, high MOI are also the trajectory tuning technology that helps you to achieve high accuracy.

  • Pros
  • Well designed and robust shaft

  • Adjustable loft
  • Right size with perfect launching angle
  • Easy to carry
  • Cons
  • Has a big club head

  • Not so fabulous in design compared other famous brands


9.  Cleveland 588 Altitude Driver 



If you are the golfers that prefer light golf drivers, Cleveland 588 Altitude driver is a perfect match for you. It delivers ultimate incredible performance. Cleveland only weighs 270 grams, an ultra-light driver available in the market. It works excellent, particularly for those who have slower swing speeds.

The titanium with lightweight allows senior golfers to swing and strike a bit faster and put a decent score on board by achieving better distance. It also features the high MOI that will further increase the distance range more.

Although it lacks the weight adjustability as most of the other famous brands’ offer, the lightweight, along with the low center of gravity overcomes this entirely.

The Cleveland 588 golf driver is a bit less forgiving than other golf drivers that we mentioned above. Still, again, the lighter weight and excellent balance of Cleveland 588 make it so amazing that it swings very easily and strike the ball with high consistency and accuracy.

If you are the golfers that not fiddle around the weight and adjustable hosels, Cleveland 588 is the best driver for you. It suits so many senior and older golfers and highly recommended as the best golf driver for 50-65 years old golfers.

  • Pros
  • Super ultra-light

  • Decent design
  • High MOI
  • Cons
  • Don’t has adjustable features


10.  Adams Blue Driver 



The beautiful Adam Blue driver always stands out from other drivers with its decent blue color and amazing features. It has dominated the golf clubs for so many years.

It is specially designed for the senior golfers; the sole of this golf driver’s head offers a velocity slot which increases the ball speed even with a slower swing.

It features three lofts with perfect launch angles, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees.

The beautiful blue color of Adams Blue driver inspires the confidence of many senior and older golfers.

The ultra-light graphite shaft produces impressive speed even with a slower swing.

  • Pros
  • Beautiful blue color

  • Light shaft
  • Cons
  • Has only three lofts, cannot adjust greater than 12 degrees

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