A beginners guide to Golf Drivers and products reviews

Golf Drivers for beginners

Everyone loves to play different games in their daily routine. Sports keep you fit and important for a healthy lifestyle. In the world, different sports are playing like soccer, cricket, tennis, badminton, golf, and many more. Golfing is one of the modern and famous that everyone wants to learn and play. If you are Beginner and want to learn definitely, you need to learn with a variety of golf products and accessories. The most important one is to choose a golf driver because beginners always ask about the best golf drivers. In the market, multiple varieties are available, but choosing one best is quite a daunting task.

Photo Title Price Buy
Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular) $53.17
Cobra Golf 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver Black-Red (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff Flex, 9.5)
Golf Club Head Driver Mens loft 10.5 high cor 0.87 Right Hand Titanium Alloy 460CC
TaylorMade SIM Driver, Mitsubishi Diamana S Limited 60 Shaft, 9.0 Degree Loft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex $549.99
Callaway XR 16 Driver (Men's, Right Hand, 9.0 Degree, Fujikura Speeder 565, Regular Flex)

Do you have any idea about the golf driver? Don’t worry, we will tell you about all the details of the golf drivers that you must know before purchasing. We made a list of best golf drivers for beginners in 2020 so that you could select and learn a new game.

Well, you can decide for yourself after reading the buyer’s guide. The important one is to need an enormous head, which gives you an amazing game. Some are expensive, and some are affordable, but we listed which beginners or amateur golfers could learn the best game.

First, go into the depth and evaluate the buyer guide, then select your golf driver and start to play. Golfing is an amazing game that makes you intellectual, and you can spend valuable time with your friends. Let’s dive into it and see the list of the best golf drivers for beginners 2020.

Golf Drivers Buyer’s Guide

  • Head

The first thing that you should keep in mind when beginners buy a gold driver is head. The 460 cubic centimeters is the most allowable clubhead size. So for beginners, the volume between 440 and 460cc is best. The big head provides the greatest range of impact that enhances the power of the shot. Meanwhile, the small head gives a secure and solid swing; however, for more control, you need a small size. There could be four different head shapes, such as square, round, pear, and extended. In addition, if you talk about the head color, it totally depends on you, however mostly black or white color is recommended.

  • Weight

The total weight and head weight should be suitable for your physical strength. playing with the lightweight golf driver enhances the percentage of off center hits.

  • Loft

The next factor is loft which has an important impact on the distance, backspin and trajectory of the ball. The loft angles could be changed between 4 and 20 degrees and mostly lofts range use between 8 and 14 degrees. The best loft for the beginner is between 10 and 12 degrees.

  • Shaft

For the beginners, the flexible shaft can maximize the drive distance. The swing speed above 95mph gives more accuracy and control while hitting. The shaft’s length affects the driver and chooses according to your height, for instance, if you are short, then don’t choose a long shaft. Normally the shaft length is chosen 45 inches for the best result.

  • Material

In terms of material, you must choose titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, and other alloys. Titanium is the expensive one but gives the best performance to beginners. However, on a tight budget, you can select the stainless steel golf driver. For the best shaft, you must select the steel and graphite material, which provides a variety of flex to beginners.

  • Adjustability

The loft should be adjustable because it allows you to make endless small changes. Moreover, you should be fitted for your unique swinging style before purchasing the golf drivers.

  • Budget

In the beginning, you must be careful about the money. Always purchase an affordable golf driver. It does not mean you bought low quality, keep in mind you must choose the high quality and comfortable driver, which helps to make a better game.

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver

Pinemeadow 500CC golf driver features an illegal clubhead that exceeds the maximum size. With this amazing one, you do not miss any sweet spot.

  • Matte Black Finish

The Pinemeadow 500 CC illegal golf driver comes with a matte black finish look, which ensures you are not distracted by an undesirable glare. So clean and sharp black finish look is easy on the eyes.

  • Massive Sweet Spot

A large oversize sweet spot gives you the most forgiveness.

  • Offset technology:

This technology reduces the slice by giving you a square face. Moreover, it brings enough forgiveness for those who struggle with the impact’s accuracy.

  • Headcover

This golf driver comes with headcover which protects the club when not in use

  • Specifications

10.5 Degrees loft

Length: 46 inches

Mid Flex Graphite Shaft

500CC head Size


  • Lightweight

  • Equipped with offset technology

  • Headcover included

  • Grip is good


  • The shaft looks, bit shooter

Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

Cobra is an impressive golf driver for newbies and intermediates. It gives nice adjustability and a deeper hub of gravity location.

  • Lightweight Golf Driver

Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max is a lightweight in the metalwood. It has a strong grip and shaft to generate more club speed and maximize distance.

  • Back/Heel Weighting

Its ultra forgiving construction position delivers straight and higher launching trajectories.

  • Forged E9 Face technology

The Forged E9 Face technology is used in it that enhances ball speed and distance across a large sweet zone.

  • Crown Alignment feature

The crown alignment design assists with a square setup provide a visually pleasing detail without distracting to the eye. You can choose an offset design for maximum draw bias or straight neck design for a traditional look.

  • Specifications

Hand Orientation: Right and Left

Shaft Material: Graphite

Configuration: 9.5, 10.5 and 11. 5 degrees


  • Easy to use

  • Adjustable loft

  • Lightweight

  • Superfast speed


  • Larger clubhead

  • Troubles with high spin level and shots

Wosofe Golf Driver Club Head 460CC for Men

Wosofe 460CC golf driver is suitable for beginners because it is one of the reliable brands. There are a variety of golf products and equipment. The brand has many professional products in various styles. There are updated products that are best for beginners and professionals.


  • Cool Design

Wosofe golf driver comes with red and black color and seems beautiful with golden text. The product is creative and different from others.

  • Cup face Design

Cup face design is best because it brings less effort, and you stay away from the tee. Moreover, the product is more durable and allows the ball to fly further.

  • Material

It is made with titanium alloy material and the main body made of Ti 6-4. It comes with lightweight components that improve the trajectory and flight speed of the ball.

  • Asymmetrical Design

The asymmetrical low center design increases penetration and achieves higher override and lower backspin.

  • Specifications

Loft 9.5 degrees

Neck inner diameter: 8.6mm

Outer diameter: 12.7mm


  • Stylish Design

  • Provides extreme forgiveness

  • Suitable for beginners and professionals.


  • Need more adjustability

Taylor made SIM Driver

A new shape with Aerodynamic Asymmetric sole and Interia generator provides a faster clubhead ball speed even from more distance.

  • Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator

The reshaped sole design delivers clubhead speed, and increased aerodynamics ate the most critical stage of the swing. Interia Generator provides faster speed for more ball speed and distance. The rear weight creates high MOI for improved forgiveness. It is made with multi-material such as Carbon, Titanium, and Steel that creates a head design.

  • Speed Injected Twist Face

This one has a speed injected twist face that calibrates and injected to reach the maximum legal limit of ball speed. The revolutionary face reduces sidespin and provides straighter shots on off-center strikes.

  • Select Your Preference

Gold drivers of SIM family have large face sizes with SIM Max.D. it increases the playability and forgiveness of the golfers.

  • Sliding Weight technology

This golf driver with sliding weight technology provides adjustability and personalization. It optimizes the club for individual trajectory and ball flight preferences.

  • Specifications:

Hand Orientation: Right and Left

Shaft Material: Graphite

Configuration: 9.0 degrees, 10.5 Degrees


· Advanced aerodynamics to distance via speed

· Maximum speed

· Lightweight

· Easy to use


· Product is non-adjustable

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Golf driver is one of the best golf drivers for beginners, which comes with advanced features and latest technologies. It comes with better aerodynamics, better placement, and less weight mean more speed and distance.

  • Extreme Forgiveness

It is incredibly forgiving when you develop a large shape for MOI with a bigger footprint. Moreover, the center of gravity of this golf driver enhances the speed at every impact location and add more distance for all golfers.

  • More Ball Speed with a faster face

Next-generation RMOTO face technology is available in it, which makes the body lighter and thinner. With the faster face and extreme forgiveness, you get more ball speed. The face is more stronger with the new 8-1-1 titanium. You get different ball speeds no matter how hit it off the heel or off the toe.

  • Specifications

Loft 9 degrees

Shaft graphite material

Hand orientation: right and left


  • Stylish design

  • More aerodynamic

  • Graphic shaft

  • Extreme forgiveness


  • Big clubhead

  • Need to change the spin

Golf Driver FAQs

What happens if the golf shaft is too flexible?

If you are using a too flexible shaft, then mostly the ball flies higher for any given loft. If the golfer uses the proper loft for his or her swing mechanic then, it can cause a slight decrease from the maximum potential.

What is the Center of gravity?

It is the intersection inside of the head of all the different balance points. It balances the head on its sole, face, or any position on the head. The Center of gravity is explained in three dimensions, such as A vertical CG, a horizontal CG, and A center CG.

How to Swing a golf driver for beginners

In the start shot by the stand with a large stance and ball placed in line with your front heel. Your weight is put slightly more on the back leg, and the right shoulder should be lower than the left one. Start to push the clubhead at a low angle and then change the weight to the backfoot.

Swing the driver downward in the smooth stroke and keep your foot flat and change the weight instantly to the front foot.

After swinging, you need to extend your arms as much as possible. Raise and turn the back foot after hitting the ball. Try to follow the front elbow and enhance the speed of the driver’s clubhead.

In how much time I can become a good golf player?

Every beginner asks this question, well, it depends on multiple factors such as your aptitude for golf, your goals, willingness to work, and ability to learn and adjust. Set an easy target, and then improve gradually. Set goals with your friends and complete it. All of the above, the most important factor is the willingness to work hard to become the best golf player. You need practice, practice, and more practice on a daily basis that could speed up the process. Beginners always ask some important questions, so some FAQs add here so that they could know about the game and could learn and improve their skills.


If you are a sports lover, especially like to play golf or want to learn, this article is best for you. Here you can read about the tool which you need to learn golf. After reading this, you can know the importance of the tool quality and know the best golf drivers for beginners 2020.

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