Top 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls – Top Pick for Distance and Accuracy

Did you just started golf and looking for, what are the best cheap golf balls, to begin with? But you must know that because a golf ball is inexpensive doesn’t mean that it comes with inferior quality.

While compiling the list, we come up with some of the best golf balls, which are relatively affordable golf balls, and we are damn sure, none of these balls will let you down on golf course.

The best thing about golf is, you can mostly test your game on the same type of golf courses and hole distance like professionals that you watch on television. You might wish to play even with the same equipment as they use.

Photo Title Price Buy
Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen) $32.95
Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, Yellow, Standard Play Numbers (1-4), One Dozen $39.95
Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Prior Generation (Yellow) $39.99
Long Distance High-Durability Golf Balls (15PK) All Levels-Nitro Ultimate Distance Titanium Core High Velocity Great Stop & Sticking ability Golf Balls USGA Approved-Total of 15-Orange $26.66
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, White (One Dozen) $49.99
Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Truvis Golf Balls, (One Dozen), White/Red $77.94
Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, Matte Yellow (One Dozen) $24.97
Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Ball (15-Pack), Distance $42.59
TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls (One Dozen)
Wilson Unisex WGWR68000 Chaos Golf Balls - 24 Balls Multicolor,Multi Color,Large

Well, once you know the cost of some of the irons and golf drivers the professional players use, you might want to figure out a cheaper way of copying the ideal golf player that you are watching on television or at golf courses.

Of course, it is impossible to golf with the same clubs as your favorite pros do, but we are in luck when it comes to golf balls.

Yes, at least you can try to play with the same golf balls as your pros use.

Isn’t it cool that you use the same ball like Tiger Woods does use, who just won the latest Master, but you must know that you’re highly unlikely to get the same performance and result from the pro-level golf ball as Tiger Woods does? Of course, these balls respond differently to the skills that pro golf players have versus beginners and occasional weekend players’ skill levels.

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There are different types of golf balls available to meet the needs of all golfers, both in terms of skills and price.

With so many brands and having a different variety of these golf balls, it is a daunting task to choose the right for you.

Don’t worry for your convenience; we come up with a list of top 10 best cheap golf balls that give the same confidence as pros have at golf courses.

We have done a thorough research and read many expert reviews to come up with this guide of the best cheap golf balls that suitable for any player and every skill level.

What are the best cheap golf balls available in 2020?

Well, golf is a quite expensive game, but as mentioned above, we are in luck when it’s about the best cheap golf balls for beginners.

There are plenty of balls out there that cost around $40 to $50; undoubtedly, you can find some high-quality ball that only cost $20.

If you are up to saving money on golf, then you are at the right place, we have come up with some of best cheap golf balls for high swing speed below that give you great confidence on the golf course.


1- Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls (One Dozen) 


Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls (One Dozen)


The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball delivers premium, pro-level performance, for all golf players that have moderate swing speed.

It is the best cheap golf balls for distance with 75 to 95 MPH driver clubhead speed range. It produces maximum speed without reducing greenside spin and its control.

The Srixon Q-Star ball comes with a urethane cover, the same as tour-level golf balls, while implementing its softer core to help with the slower swing speed, unlike more solid base of a traditional tour-level golf ball.

It is a-compression ball that specially designed to provide more distance to all moderate players that have more swing speed.

The feel around the field and off the driver is better than you expected for that price, and it is also incredibly soft off the putter.

I love its softness that feels so smooth on hands with the irons and driver; I feel like I am hitting a marshmallow.

If you’re a slower swing golfer and looking for a bit more feel out of the ball, then Srixon Q-Star Tour is the best golf ball for you at this price.

This Q-Star golf ball comes with the same urethane cover as Z-Star and Z-StarXV golf balls have; it features rubber core, soft-core, which makes it the best cheap golf ball for slower swing speed players.

When I was testing it, I experienced it produces mid-high to high ball flight; in fact, the ball launch was a bit higher than that is coming from top ball hitter.

Same as the driver, this Q-Star ball produces a quite high ball flight with iron as well. The ball launches are high, but the good news doesn’t add a ton of spin.

If you are a golf player with moderate swing speed and want the softer feel and more control without reducing distance or you are up to high ball flight, this Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is an outstanding choice for you. It features a soft feel, great distance, and suitable for all-around performance on the golf course.


2- Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Best cheap golf balls for low handicappers

2- Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Best cheap golf balls for low handicappers


If you look at the golf ball technology in the past, you have hardly heard of the Titleist Pro V1. This inexpensive golf ball introduced in 2000 for low-handicap players.

Because of its two-decade lifespan, you might be tempted to ignore this best golf ball, Pro V1, these days. But don’t let its age deceive you, the design of Titleist Pro V1 has continually improved over the years, and today we have the latest upgrade which done recently, keeps this affordable golf ball at the top of the golf course.

The upgraded Titleist Pro V1 offers precisely the feel and excellent performance you would expect. Yet still, it is better golf than the previous top and high-end Titleist golf ball, and according to National club Golfer, it is one of the great feats for the Titleist, have achieved.

It’s Pro V1 new design is perfect and uses the three-layer construction along with firm rubber core, soft covering layer, and, most important, the outer urethane cover.

The main difference in this most advanced version of the ball is, its large core doesn’t spin too much and deliver high distance without sacrificing the feel that the mantle and cover layers provide.

This Pro V1 offers an exceptional level of spin for low handicappers while providing a consistent flight. The Titleist Pro V1 also provides 352 dimples that cover the ball more regularly and helping to produce better flight.

Its new and unique dimple design offers a more accurate flight, great spin control, which gives a good feel for a shot to all low handicap player, model, and brand that has been at the top of the game for a long time.

It is the best cheap golf ball for the low handicap players; veteran golfers will love the complete performance they receive from the Pro V1.


3- Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf BallsGreat Value Cheap Golf Ball

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls - Great Value Cheap Golf Ball


This pack of 15 golf balls is one of the best golf balls not only because of its bold aesthetics but also the overall design.

If you want the golf ball with excellent control and increased short game spin, trust me this Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte is a perfect choice for you.

Well, let take a look at what features these balls have to impress your competitors on the golf course.

You will fall in love with this Callaway golf ball for its bold finish design. These golf balls are colored with a matte finish, which green, yellow, red, orange, or white, make them top-quality, and one of the most fantastic golf balls to hit in your golf course.

Bright, colorful golf balls somehow draw attention and similar look that Tiger Woods got when he played the brilliant game on the ground and won the Master. They all look different and look more like the glowing-orb than a golf ball.

But these golf balls not only stand out with color but also because of its overall performance.

The core of Callaway golf specially designed to provide better and long-distance from the tee to green. So Callaway offers an overall quality experience for all players who want to improve their game and master themselves on the golf course.

The exterior and core are designed for a better distance even with less spin while crossing through the air and ensure; you never miss the green in the future.

You must know that these Callaway golf balls come with beautiful colors and designed to unique. These are the newest 2020 version of golf balls and come in the pack of fifteen.

Overall, for the design, quality, and fifteen golf balls, it stands out in the market and comes about to the average per ball as many other brand sets.

4- Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf BallThe #1 Best Cheap Golf Ball

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball - The #1 Best Cheap Golf Ball


When it comes to cheap golf balls that have two-piece construction, then Nitro 15-pack is the best choice for you.

Nitro Ultimate Distance golf ball comes with multi-element technology. Its impressive responsive titanium staple increases the power from the clubhead to the ball.

It has 2-pieces of competition structure for an airy space from the metal to woods. These balls let you improve your overall performance and all-round shots without spending too much money.

Nitro Ultimate golf balls come with a variety of colors, including White, Orange, Pink, and Yellow. These are the best cheap golf balls available in the market for a great distance.

The Nitro balls provide spiking skills and excellent performance with irons. Its features and Aerodynamic design, along with dimple structure, maximize the support which is needed for extended shots. These balls help you to improve your overall performance at a very low price.

As mentioned, each ball comes with a two-piece construction that includes the titanium core and durable cover with a symmetrical and aerodynamic dimple design. As a result, it will help you to produce a maximum ball speed.

One of the best things that I like the most in the Nitro golf ball is the energy that transfers from a clubhead to the ball, and it easily increased the distance. You can also get a higher and longer shot with these beast cheap golf balls.


5- Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls – Cheap Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls - Cheap Golf Balls


The Titleist Tour Soft golf balls are the new advanced ball from Titleist; it is designed to deliver great distance and superb feel. Like its predecessors, the Titleist NXT and Tour S, also it is an excellent choice at a very reasonable price.

It is a two-layer golf ball having a very thing cover that might leave some players skeptical that it can produce the performance similar to a three-layer or four-layer ball.

Titleist has now redesigned its cover on this Tour Soft golf ball, makes it with mix materials to handle the large core better, and offers for higher exit-velocity for the ball.

The thinner cover of the ball delivers spin and feel, and this ball offers you a better level of the feeling than other balls that are trying to replace.

It also provides excellent height on approach shots, which help you to hold the green better. However, it might be difficult to spin it on chip shot and short approach shots than other top-level balls.

The softness of this ball is very impressive on green too, it takes very less force to putt with Titleist Tour Soft, and it offers you great control over stroke on the long putts.

So, it is a new smart design that offers you more feel than other two-layer golf balls. Also, its large core produces more speed and distance and available in the market at a very affordable price.

6- Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Truvis Golf Balls – Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Truvis Golf Balls - Callaway Golf Balls


The new advanced Callaway Chromes Soft X golf ball has a unique feel, and it delivers high-level performance. It is the softest feeling ball in the market.

We have tested Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball, and trust me, it gives incredible confidence on the course, and you probably find any softer feeling tour-level ball than Callaway Chrome Soft X.

It delivers quite low-pitched thud off the putter, which feels very soft and heavy off the clubface.

Chrome Soft X golf ball feels different; it much similar to the standard tour ball that has a crisp tock at impact. The difference between Chrome Soft X ball was amplified at the time we use the carbon steel putter and somehow less obvious with a stainless steel putter.

Around the green, this ball delivers the buttery feel, and the feel difference becomes less noticeable when you move to a longer club, but this still on top for its softness.

One of the most exciting features of Chrome Soft X golf is, these balls have great forgiving. You may a bit skeptical about this, but once you hit driver on the launch monitor, you will feel like you were getting more speed than it comes from other marginal strikes.

Chrome Soft X offers excellent speed, which is equal or a bit more than any tour-level ball. Also, Chrome Soft X is a bit lower in terms of spin. In the irons, the Soft X golf ball has a higher spin than the Chrome Soft.

From full shots to the half shots and short pitches, Chrome Soft X golf balls have more spin numbers than most of the other golf balls.

So whether you golf with yellow, white, or other colors, these balls will never let you down on the course. It has the softest feeling that you might ever hit and lacks nothing in overall performance, although Chrome Soft X golf ball has a different feel but equally impressive numbers.


7- Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls Best cheap balls in 2020

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls - Best cheap balls in 2020


If you are a mid to high handicap golf player, you may find it challenging to hit the ball straight. It can ruin a decent score just by slicing your golf drive on the 12th hole and taking your five shots to work a way out.

Well, for sure, only improving your swing is the best idea to avoid the unwanted hooks and slices which leave you in problem off the tee.

The Bridgestone e12 softball can definitely another excellent option for you that keeps you stay straighter off the tee and deliver an exceptional level of distance.

These balls don’t offer a lot of spin control; because of its design, the e12 has a slower spin rate, which delivers the straighter shots.

Bridgestone e12 comes with three-layer construction with e12 speed, but its middle layer reduces the spin rather than increasing spin as other three-layer balls do, and a result you get long and straight shots.

The e12 promise comes true when we tested it, and surprisingly, it delivers few yards of extra length. These are the best golf ball for amateur players who don’t have the high club speed.

Also, the Bridgestone e12 speed in play both from the fairway and off the tea is much easier than other golf balls.


8- Wilson Golf Tour, Velocity Tour Distance Golf Balls 

Wilson Golf Tour, Velocity Tour Distance Golf Balls 


This is the best golf ball with low compression and 70 core construction, and its beautiful design provides a pleasant experience and confidence in the course. It offers excellent playability, soft-touch feel, and long-distance.

It is made of quality performance, balanced design, which is aggressive and responsive at the same time.

This Wilson golf ball comes with a unique design that gives confidence to all golf players at course. Its dimple comes with a flat, shallow bottom design that helps to produce better and stable ball flight.

It is the most advanced two-piece construction ball that has durable ionomer cover and improved dimple design for more extended flight. I love its hard plastic and high-quality materials, rubber stuffing, which make it very durable and give a five-year lifespan.

Wilson Velocity Tour golf balls offer you excellent performance from the tee to the green.


9- TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls – Best golf ball for high spin and control

TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls - Best golf ball for high spin and control


One of the most effective ways for mid-level players to put a decent score on board is, improve their performance around the green and on your approach shots.

Also to become pro, you must learn how to spin the golf ball off the iron, wedge shots can help a bit like the perfect spin help you to keep the golf ball closer to the pin.

Well, when you are learning how to spin can have great control, the best ball which can help is the TaylorMade Project (s). This is one of the latest and advanced balls that upgraded recently to offers a high spin rate when you struck it accurately.

If you are not well with, to strike accurately, it may cause a high severity of slice or hook, which means it isn’t the right choice for the high-handicap players. But still, it can help bogey golfers.

TaylorMade golf ball has a two-layer design that offers high-level spin to this Project (s) golf ball. Its better spin helps mid-level handicappers to keep the ball close to the pin on their approach shots, which will lead to shorter putts and, of course, better score on the course.

It is the best golf ball at an affordable price that gives the same kind of performance that other high-level players get from their golf ball. This ball is soft; you will love the feel around the green.


10- Wilson Chaos Golf Balls – Wilson Golf Balls

Wilson Chaos Golf Balls - Wilson Golf Balls


Most often, we have some time a chaotic game on the golf course. Well, don’t worry; this Wilson Chaos golf ball is specially designed that helps to improve all your golf shots.

So now, whether it is spin, distance, or accuracy on the green, the Chaos golf ball will deliver outstanding results. You can get a pack of 24-balls for under $25, what else can be most excited than getting a ball for only $1?

You will have a choice to select this Wilson Chaos golf ball in multi-colors, including Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and White. Wilson is a famous brand when it comes to providing the best cheap golf ball for golfers.

These balls have a stable design, feature two-piece construction. It comes with a low compression core that offers a soft feel for extra comfort on the green.

The ionomer cover is durable, and it coupled with the unique Wilson Staff 400-dimple design, so now you will get high launch and extra distance.

All of these balls are stamped with a stunning Chaos logo and a Wilson logo as well, which also works as alignment support for putts and tee shots.

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