Top 5 Best Driver Shafts for Distance You Must Buy

One of the most misunderstood categories in the golf game is the shafts. There are so many mistruths and myths out there that we want to clear up in this article and eager to share good stuff about best driver shafts that we learned at top-rated golf clubs and with experience.

Driver shafts consider an essential part of the club due to its ability to transfer the force and speed from hands to the clubface.

Photo Title Price Buy
New Integra SoooLong Ultralite 45 g Graphite Shaft R/S/A Flex + Callaway Adapter Installed, Fits Rogue/Epic/Big Bertha/XR16 Driver
Project X PXV Senior/Lite 5.0 Flex Driver Shaft with Taylormade M1 M2 Adapter and Grip $79.99
Accuflex Pro Long Drive 50" ReMAX World Long Drive Pro LD Nano (+25 Yards) Golf Shaft 50 INCH .335 - A,R,S,X,2X,3X or 4X Flex
Fujikura Fuel Tour Issue 65 X-Stiff Driver Shaft + Adapter & Grip
Project X New HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 60g Driver/Fairway Shaft X-Stiff Flex $65.00

You might be wondering why shaft is crucial for today’s players to ensure that the driver তবু, সুযোগ পেলে, দু’হাত মেলে, সরব চোখে হারিয়ে গেলে
ফিরবে কি আর সোনালি দিন?shaft in the golf bag is fulfilling their desired swing speed, accuracy, and flexibility.

Let’s take a look at the importance of shaft that how it can improve your overall performance and change the result.

Why are golf drive shafts so important?

Selecting the perfect shaft for your club is the aim of providing you consistency. It gives you the best chance at hitting the center of the face, which results in optimal launch conditions on the course.

It has an ultimate effect on how professionally you can play.

The shaft is much similar to the transmission of any vehicle. It’s not an engine but still very crucial. Think, if you’re driving a car, you will definitely need a transmission that can control its needs.

Now imagine, you had a transmission which is more appropriate for a Jaguar F-Type sports car. It would be challenging to drive a heavy vehicle with that transmission, and your overall driving performance wouldn’t be efficient.

So, it is the perfect analogy for choosing the right shaft that suits your swing because there are so many variables that can affect your overall ability to deliver the clubhead accurately at contact.

Things to remember before buying best driver shafts

There are some of the essential components you must consider before choosing the best driver shafts.

Every driver shaft has a unique style and benefits. Although shafts can be different, they have some of the standard features which help the golfers to identify what shaft would be best for their swing and style.

These standard features that you must take into consideration before choosing your shaft are;


Do you know, one of the essential things about your shaft is how it handles the force that golfer’s swing will apply?

Usually, there are two possibilities. Some players use a bit late pressure to their swing and need a stiffer tip of the shaft. And, a player that uses early load in their swing would definitely require the shaft with a softer tip.

Knowing this is extremely crucial when it comes, it comes to choosing the best driver shafts that are most often not discussed.

There are also lots of misconceptions about shaft stiffness in golfers. There is one critical point that you just need to understand, that, there is no standard when it comes to the shaft flex at all. One brand’s “regular” might be a “stiff” to another brand.

They come in different types. If you’re working with veteran club fitter, they must understand this fact and as well as that how each shaft features are related to your swing style.

There is also another misconception about flex that your overall swing speed is not the only factor that determines your flex equipment. But it also deals with a load you’re applying to.

Shaft doesn’t know how fast a clubhead is moving; it only responds.

Let’s take a look at a real example of a swing of the two legendary golfers, Fred Couples and Nick Price. Nick Price had a quick lighting and shorter swing while Couples has long flowing swing. Both had super faster swing speed than it might seem to the observer.

Despite their swing speed similarity, the Price could not find the shaft which stiff enough for his swinging style as he used to apply a massive force, whereas the Couple had smooth tempo, so he didn’t require a stiff of a shaft.

So selecting a perfect flex and type of your shaft has a lot to do with your swinging type than the actual speed of your swing. And this misleads so many golfers when they are buying clubs off the rack.


It is also very important to choose a shaft with the correct weight. Shafts come in a range of 40-135 grams. Generally, the rule of thumb is, a golfer having a slow swing speed will get benefits by using a lighter shaft, and you’d add weight in the future as your swing speed increases.

Shaft weight is essential because it helps you to produce clubhead speed and long-distance as you hit the ball.

The lighter shaft is easy to swing faster and increases the club speed. But it doesn’t mean you all the time to go for a lighter shaft and avoid the heavier shaft. It would be best if you chose the right weight, which meets your swing so you can handle control while increasing the speed.

No standard

One of the most common misconceptions about driver shaft is that manufacturers adhere to a standard.

Most players think that a regular or stiff shaft will be the same everywhere, no matter where they buy it.

But this is not true. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a different performance from what an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) and what customers are getting.

One brand’s shaft flex might work the same as another brand’s regular does.

So, it’s better to test different kinds of the shaft and check what specific shaft is perfect for you and meeting your swinging needs.


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1. New Integra SoooLong Ultralight 45 g Graphite Shaft  – Best Driver Shafts for Distance

New Integra SoooLong Ultralight 45 g Graphite Shaft


It is the best driver shaft for seniors who need flexible shafts to compensate for their slower swing speed.

The shaft has a mid-low bend point that supports a higher launch angle for long-distance.

Integra SoooLong is probably one of the lightest shafts in the market.

It comes with Ascending weight technology to maximize clubhead speed and also accuracy.

The light also reduced in a long iron, which helps to create steady hits.

Weighing only 45 g, the Integra SoooLong shaft feels very light as a feather, while many other shaft weight around 70-75 grams, almost half of the weight. So the swing speed increases from changing to the Integra SoooLong ultra-light shaft.

This is design to have a low-to-mid kick point; the Integra SoooLong shaft helps golfers to strike the ball higher off the tee, result in a long distance.

Flexibility is always the critical component of the best driver shafts, and SoooLong is especially is made of filament winding and offers excellent consistency.

A regular, stiff, and senior flex come in the 45 g version while this Integra SoooLong ultralight shaft is available in black and white.

  • Advanced technology
  • Ultralight
  • Excellent accuracy and higher speed
  • Expensive
  • Has less information on the Amazon


2. Project X PXV Senior/Lite 5.0 Flex Driver Shaft with TaylorMade M1 M2 Adapter and Grip


This shaft looks great on almost any driver; the Project X PVX Senior is a dynamic shaft that offers great distance while providing the impressive feel, confidence, and immediate response.

The shaft comes 44.25″ uncut mold that gives plenty of shafts to tailor a perfect length, as golfers need for a driver.

Project X PXV is the best driver shaft that especially design for delivering high speed, this shaft is handy when it comes to transmitting maximum energy at impact, providing more distance and outstanding consistency.

If you are looking best driver shafts for distance at a reasonable price, Project X PXV is the excellent choice for you that provides a lot of excitement and doesn’t let you down at course.

Besides extra yardage, the PXV shaft also offers a higher spin that might lower handicappers looking for.

One feature that I loved the most when I was testing this Project X PXV shaft is, it tends to repeat a draw on swings when I played a casual fade off the tee box.

  • A decent appearance, it works great and fits on a variety of driver’s heads
  • Reasonable price
  • Offers excellent distance
  • It may not be suitable for veteran golfers who are looking more control and a lower ball flight, because of its higher spin


3. Accuflex Pro Long Drive 50″ – Best driver shaft

Accuflex Pro Long Drive 50"


If you really want to improve your overall performance and eager to change your game, trust me the Accuflex Pro LD Nano is the perfect choice for you.

This is an extra-long 50″shaft specially designed for golfers who like to play long drive contest at the course. But, contrary, a shaft more than 48″not technically legal for USGA (United States Golf Association) events. However, it still provides you confidence during your practice at the course.

But if you are in need only a USGA legal shaft, then Acuuflex Pro LD Nano is not a great choice as it comes 50″ long.

Accuflex Pro driver shaft has a high-kick point, which helps you to hit the club through impact zone for high clubhead speed and great distance.

It works excellent and fit well, almost all sizes from 400cc-460cc of club heads.

Accuflex always on top; when it comes best driver shafts, this Accuflex Pro Long shaft is a lightest and advanced shaft, which is the winner of the World Long Drive Competition.


  • This shaft comes in 48-50 inches, providing plenty of room to golfers for modifications
  • Compatible with all sizes, types of driver’s heads
  • It is a high-speed shaft and offers large distance with faster swing
  • An innovative and advanced shaft that improve your overall performance and give confidence
  • It is an extra-long shaft and not suitable for everyone, only for golfers who have a longer swing and looking for more distance
  • This shaft comes with a high-kick point
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4. Fujikura Fuel Tour Issue 65 X-Stiff Driver ShaftGolf Shafts

Fujikura Fuel Tour Issue 65 X-Stiff Driver Shaft


Fujikura is always on top when it comes to providing the best and high-quality golf equipment; they come with a huge collection of outstanding shafts.

Although, the Fujikura Fuel Tour Issues 65 X-Stiff shaft is the most advanced and upgraded model.

Fujikura Fuel Tour is the best shaft that every golfer wants 100% in their bag. This shaft delivers an exceptional distance and allows you to focus solely on producing maximum clubhead speed.

The Fujikura shaft is an advanced shaft that provides an accurate response with confidence and helps you to generate more speed and strength of the tee.

  • Produce great distance
  • Can fit on all club heads
  • Reasonable price
  • Decent design
  • Outstanding performance
  • May not suitable for some of the drivers


5. Project X New HZRDUS Smoke black shaft – Hzrdus Smoke

Project X New HZRDUS Smoke black shaft


I am in love with its beautiful black design; it is one of the sexiest shafts I have tested at the course. Project X Hzdus Smoke is a mid-weight and reliable driver shaft that supports a mid-level spin for excellent control and exceptional distance.

It is a very durable and most hardened shaft, and the aim is never let you down in tough situations at the course.

HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft is the most advanced shaft featuring low-launch and low-spin and best for all golfers.

It is specially designed with high-quality and optimized materials for the golfers that have an aggressive swinging style to provide a confident feel and improve overall performance.

  • This shaft offers high speed
  • Beautiful design
  • High-quality shaft
  • Low-spin and low-launch
  • May not suitable for new golfers who are looking for more flex


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