Top 10 Best Golf Bags in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

As a golfer, you might be worried about what goes inside your golf bag than the bag itself; it does many things for a golfer that makes their time at golf course much comfortable. Whether you are a golfer that loves to carry bag and walk at the course or prefer to ride a cart, the golf bag has a significant role in the enjoyment of your golf game. The best golf bags keep all your valuables protected, ensuring your 6-iron organized in perfect shape and easy to grab quickly.

Photo Title Price Buy
TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0 Buy on Amazon
Sun Mountain Golf 2019 C-130 Cart Bag GUNMETAL-BLACK-RED (Gunmetal-Black-Red) Buy on Amazon
TaylorMade 2019 Golf Select Cart Bag, Navy/Red/White $169.99 Buy on Amazon
Team Golf NCAA Penn State Nittany Lions Fairway Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight, 14-way Top, Spring Action Stand, Insulated Cooler Pocket, Padded Strap, Umbrella Holder & Removable Rain Hood $169.00 Buy on Amazon
Wilson 2018 NFL Golf Cart Bag Buy on Amazon
Team Effort Alabama Crimson Tide The Bucket Ii Cooler Cart Bag $239.95 Buy on Amazon
Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Stand Bag, Titanium/White/Silver Buy on Amazon
Team Golf NCAA Fairway Golf Stand Bag, Lightweight, 14-way Top, Spring Action Stand, Insulated Cooler Pocket, Padded Strap, Umbrella Holder & Removable Rain Hood Buy on Amazon
Cobra Golf 2019 Ultralight Cart Bag Buy on Amazon

The best golf bags come up with multiple lined pockets for our personal stuff, some have lined cooler pockets which keep your beverage cold, and have plenty of room to keep your jacket, and other belonging, and it is like a Swiss army knife that offers an enormous way of helping while you enjoy the golf at course.

Golf bags available in all sizes, shapes, colors, and prices that make finding the best golf bags much harder because once you have so many choices in the market, you can’t decide which one good be perfect.

Well, to solve this dilemma, we have researched to find the best golf bags for you in the market.

Here are the best golf bags that surely will help you to make your life more comfortable while you are playing your favorite shots around the trees.

Best Golf bags 2020


1. TaylorMade Golf Bag 5.0



TaylorMade is always a top-notch brand when it comes to high-quality golf equipment, including TaylorMade stand 5.0 golf bag.

It provides plenty of storage, features a 5-way top with six pockets that offer plenty of room for tees and balls. This golf bag also allows the golfers to carry rain gear to the golf course through a garment pocket.

If you are a golfer who looking for a golf bag with a safe pouch for your valuables, the TaylorMade 5.0 is the perfect choice for you, having velour-lined pockets that keep your all electronics safe and scratch-free.

TaylorMade 5.0 is a durable bag that offers comfort and safety to your valuables and clubs. It also has an anti-split stand system, so you don’t need to worry about legs sticking. There is also the garment pocket that includes an umbrella sleeve and rain hood.

The dual straps of the bag offer comfort to your shoulder; overall, TaylorMade did an outstanding job of making such an impressive bag for the golfers so they can carry all their stuff without any burdon.

The price is also very reasonable, and worth it, it is hard to find the best golf bags with so many amazing features at this price.

  • It has six pockets that provide plenty of space for your valuable
  • Velour-lined pouch for your electronic gadgets
  • Dual comfortable strap for a shoulder that let you carry the bag with ease during your walk at the course
  • Extra umbrella sleeve which is useful for carrying an umbrella
  • Golfers that are looking for lots of features might be disappointed with this bad


2. Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag



The Sun Mountain C-130 is an absolute best golf bag, features a 14-way long divider, and effective protection of clubs. It has integrated with top three handles linked with a modern and smart strap system that keeps your bag locked without twisting, and clubs are ready all the time.

Like other top-quality and luxury bags, C-130 also has three velour-lined pockets, which allows you to keep your electronic gadgets very safely. The Sun Mountain C-130 comes up with two full-length pockets for rain gear or any clothing that you might take with you at the course.

Overall the size of this bag is good enough to take all your necessary golf equipment and valuable while you on playing your favorite shots.

C-130 has full-length dividers that keep all your clubs off of each other during your drives between shots.

This bag is stand out in the market due to its plenty of storage. You might think it is a heavier golf bag due to lots of pockets, but don’t worry, the bag has smart and innovative technology that allows all these pockets functioning towards the central design, and you can carry your golf stuff with ease.

If you are up to the best golf bags at an affordable price, then Sun Mountain C-130 is the fantastic choice.

  • Has 10 pockets that keep your clothes, valuables, other accessories and also has a cooler that keeps your drink cold when you’re playing at the course
  • High-quality rain gear which keeps all your clubs safe and dry in the rain
  • Has an innovative strap system which keeps your bag from twisting and locks your clubs
  • Might be very expensive for some golfers


3. TaylorMade Golf Select Cart Bag



This fantastic TaylorMade Golf Select Cart Bag is a durable and luxurious option for all of your clubs. It features a 14-way top that separates and protects your wedges and irons. This bag also offers the security for each club that you are taking into the course.

This mid-level select cart bag is an excellent choice for mid-handicappers with plenty of storage and several pockets.

The rugged and robust construction of this cart at a reasonable price makes it a worthy choice for all gofers. TaylorMade has used high-quality materials in the bag with so many amazing features such as zippered pockets, two handle top, which makes it very easier to lift, and place onto the bag, well of a cart.

All golfers who walk the course occasionally, this bag might cause grief than joy because it has only one strap; you will spend a lot of time balance the bag to carry the load as you walk.

It also has the rain hood, which will protect your golf equipment and personal valuable from getting wet in a rainstorm.

TaylorMade Select Cart Bag has two velour-lined pockets to keeps your gadgets and smartphones secure and scratch-free.

With amazing features, this is the best option for the mid-handicappers who often leave their bag behind; overall, it delivers outstanding features at a reasonable price.

  • Velour-lined pockets that keep your smartphone and wallets secure
  • Has a two-handle system top
  • Has many zippered pockets
  • Has only one shoulder strap that makes very hard to carry, if you are like to walk more at course, this might be a not good option for you


4. Team Golf NCAA Victory Golf Cart Bag



When you play golf like a pro, you just need the best golf bags as well to go. Team Golf NCAA Victory Golf Cart Bag is a huge bag with plenty of storage for your clubs and very easy to carry while you are playing your favorite shots at the course.

It is huge with beautiful logos, considered one of the tops of the line golf bag and specially designed for the professional player.

Team Golf NCAA Victory Golf Cart Bag has a 10-way top divider system and dividing into three bottom sections that provide plenty of room for balls and tees. It is integrated with the top two handles linked with a modern strap system.

It comes with five zippered pockets, cooler pockets, velour-lined pouch, and a removable rain hood that keeps all your stuff secure in rainstorms.

With beautiful crimson color and fabulous features, you will be sure to stand out with Victory Golf Cart Bag.

  • 10-way top divider system
  • Five zippered pockets, rain hood, and cooler pocket
  • Only has ten slots, not 14

5. Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag



Wilson is the top brand when it comes to providing durable NFL and golf cart bag with amazing colors.

It weighs only 5 pounds, has two handles, 11 pockets, and a cooler pocket to keep your beverage cold.

Wilson cart bag offers plenty of storage for your equipment clubs to have in separate sleeves safely.

The bag has the top 14 dividers, which let you place each club in its own section to prevent them from mixing with other clubs. This bag also has 11 pockets, tow long-side pockets for your garments, three for your valuable, and two open mesh pockets for easy and quick retrieval.

The other best features that you will love is a cart strap loop for the locking down onto the cart, glove and an umbrella holder, rain hood, and a single padded strap for carrying.

If you are the golfer that doesn’t like NFL and bright colors, then this might be not a good choice you to buy.

The Wilson NFL bag is very durable, affordable and also allows the NFL fans to play the golf showing off support to their favorite football team.

With so many amazing features and beautiful appearance, durability, and storage, the bag stands out at the top in the market and highly recommended for all golfers.

  • 11 pockets that provide plenty of storage, and one cooler pocket to keep your drink cold
  • Affordable price, best for NFL fans
  • Durable and very strong made by high-quality materials
  • Not much advanced like other NFL brands


6. The Bucket II Collegiate Cooler Cart Bag



If you are a golfer that likes the heavy-duty golf cart bag with so many amazing features, then The Bucket II cart bag is the perfect choice for you.

It comes up with so many incredible and innovative features such as an insulated thermal-lined pocket for beverage, which has its own integrated drainage port for quick cleaning. Not only a beverage pocket, but it has many other dedicated pockets for your valuables, golf balls, garments, accessories, and range finders.

This bag has a 14-way top organizer, which divides the putter with its individual pockets for safety.

The top two molded handles of the bag help the player to lift and place the bag on the cart with ease and minimal exertion.

The Bucket II cart bag has a fantastic strap system that steers clear of all pockets that prevent your bag from cut off.

One of the great things that I like is, it comes with 14 dividers, and it linked down to the bottom of this bag.

Some of the cart bags use inferior quality materials, but this is a bag with super high-quality stuff that carries your clubs very securely and offers you great comforts that no other bag can give you.

It is decorated with impressive cutting-edge design; it is a marvel worth of your money.

  • The durable bag which can hold up to several additional pounds very easily
  • 14-way top organizer which keeps club separated from each other while transporting on the course
  • Built-in thermal-lined beverage pocket with own integrated drainage system
  • If you in need more neutral color, this might not be good for you


7. Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag



If you are a golfer that walks the course occasionally, you probably need a much lighter bag than you use on the riding cart. Then, with a fresh and crisp look, the Callaway Chev stand bag is the best choice for you. It pleases the golfers of all skill levels and ages.

It has the five-way top divider, velour-lined pockets to keep your valuables secure, a handle with relaxing grip that helps to move bag comfortably, and clothing pocket.

Although it may have some drawbacks of protection because the divider is not well padded, it doesn’t affect the overall features and functions of the bag.

This vibrant bag is specially made for the golfers who most like the colorful golf equipment. It has two supporting legs that keep all your stuff protected from getting damage, moisture, and wet.

Although, the leg of the bag is light but durable and don’t tangle as you play your round and set them back for your next shot.

For senior golfers or who play golf for exercise, the Chev is the best bag for them as you can carry it very quickly because of lightweight and has plenty of storage.

But, it doesn’t mean that it is fit for only older age golfers, people of all ages can now have a beautiful and dependable golf bag which provides the valuable experience from a range to the last hole of your course.

  • Dual strap lets you wear the bag very easily
  • Lightweight bag, suitable for walking 18 holes
  • Has impressive durability, two sturdy legs that hold your clubs ready for the next shots
  • The storage is a bit less than other similar brands


8. Team Golf NCAA Fairway Golf Stand Bag



This is one of the best for golfers, featuring 14-way top divider, velour-lined pockets for valuable, integrated top handle.

This bag is a bit lighter with high-quality material construction. It has also lots of pockets to keeps your stuff, tees, towels, etc. The cooler pockets keep your beverages cold. You will love its minimal and beautiful design.

It is very durable and made by heavyweight fabric, 14 top dividers with so many pockets offer maximum security to your golf equipment and personal valuables.

  • Cooler pocket, 5 zippered pockets, umbrella holder, rain hood
  • 14-way top dividers
  • Expensive golf bag


9. Cobra Golf Ultralight Cart Bag



Cobra cart bag is an extraordinary, lightweight bag that featuring a secure and soft two-strap system, which is very gentle on your back. It has 14-way top dividers keeps your bag more secure while accessing to each pocket.

Not only this bag is ultra-light but also maximizing the surface area of the bag by offering five pockets. It also has fleece-lined pockets, a mesh pocket that helps to hold water or drink bottle and slender pocket, which can contain only a few golf balls.

It also features a three-way opening that helps in the division of two sturdy handles, which make it very easy to lift and place the bag in the vehicle and carry once you finish your round.

This is a bag that you can use occasionally, and it helps in lighten the load as you walk the course.

  • Lightweight golf bag, perfect for walking the course and carry minimal clubs
  • Two straps distribute the weight of clubs equally, provide extraordinary balance
  • Two leg stand prevent the clubs from the grass to getting soaked
  • If you walk more regularly and continuously, then it might be not the right choice for you


10. Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bag



If you are an NFL fan and love to support your favorite team, then Wilson NFL cart bag with beautiful colors is a perfect choice for you.

It is super ultra-light and weighs only 4 pounds, come up with two handles, whopping eight pockets and a cooler pocket to keep your drink cold while you are at course.

It has 4-way top dividers which help to place each clubs in its own sections that prevent them from damaging while you carry on transport.

  • Very affordable that allows all golfers who like the NFL and want to show off their favorite team spirit
  • 8 pockets with plenty of storage and a cooler pocket
  • Durable and strong base
  • Only 4-way top dividers and 8 pockets


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