The 7 Best Golf Driver for Women – TOP Rated Driver for Ladies

What do you think of when you hear the golf? You might think it is a game as a group of old men on the golf course hitting the ball into a tiny hole having a flag in it. Well, that description of golf no longer fits!! Golf is not anymore a game of only gentlemen; watch out, ladies golf is rocking and on the rise!!!

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Cobra Women's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver
TaylorMade Women's RBZ Driver, Black, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, High Launch
Cobra KING F6 #1 Golf Driver (Women's, 10.0-13.0, Graphite, Ladies, Right), Pink
Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Driver
TaylorMade 2018 Women's Kalea Ultralite Driver (Women's, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, 12.0)
Callaway Golf 2017 Great Big Bertha Women's Epic Driver, Right Hand, MRC Dianana, 40G, 45" Length, Ladies, 13.5 Degrees
Adams Golf Women's M2657503 Golf Fairway Wood, Right Hand, Ladies Flex, 5 Loft, 41", Graphite, Blue

Does the best golf driver for women have something in improving the overall golf performance? Yes, it does; women play their best with advanced equipment, which is designed for their swing and flex profiles that help to improve their playing abilities.

Most often, all gofers tend to either accuracy or get distance on the best driver. But hardly do you get both at the same time. That is the reason; you need to select the best and game-improvement drivers in the market.

These are clubs that are helpful for the low-to-mid handicap players and designed to produce more forging when it comes to direction and distance. They usually have lightweight to provide excellent ball flight with ease and to apply a gear effect to the ball primarily; it gets the center of the fairway most often.

To choose the best golf driver for women is a daunting task, as there are huge varieties and brands available in the market, and every brand claim having the best driver for ladies.

Well, don’t worry,  we are compiling the list of best golf drivers for women; we have done thorough research and outline the essential parts of the driver that educate you more before selecting your driver in the market.

But there is some important factor you must know about before buying the best golf driver for women, let’s explore one by one.

Why do you use a golf driver?

The driver is also known as 1-wood, is the longest shaft, head, and least loft of all golf clubs. It considers one of the most standard clubs for the golfers, which is used to hit the ball the long distance from the tee. It is used for tee shots on par-4 and 5. The driver produces the most accurate and long-distance of any golf club.

Today, there are most advanced drivers in the market; they don’t look like the small-sized wooden-head anymore that used to be in the past that called 1-wood. Today’s drivers reduce the effect of mis-hits and produce great distances even with a slower swing.

Finding the best driver

No one driver is best for every golf player. Every golfer has a unique style and swing type, so a driver that is producing much better performance and result than most of the other brands. Your perfect driver must always provide you confidence along with great distance and control. As a women golfer, you must figure out the spending budget on driver, priorities, and the look and feel preferences before choosing a driver.

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Top Rated Golf Drivers Features

There are some important features you must consider before buying the best golf driver for women. One of the most important is to figure out your golfing styles that how do you play? Each driver has unique options and benefits. Although these drivers are distinct, still, they have some standard features that help the golfers to identify what driver is best for their style and swing. There are also some essential factors you must know before choosing your driver, such as;

  • Head size: companies measure the size of the driver in the volume of the clubhead. Today the clubhead sizes are between 430-460 cc (cubic centimeters); the rule limits it to 460 cubic centimeters. These head sizes come in different height and shape to give different appearances and features behind the golf ball. They provide a large sweet spot to all golfers, reducing the effect of mis-hits and offers maximum distance. The larger head provides more confidence, higher launches, and exceptional forgiveness.
  • Clubhead weight: Today, in the advanced driver, the weight of the clubhead is between 265-310 g. A lighter driver lets you produce higher clubhead speed, which results in a better distance. Most often, the stronger golf players prefer the heavier driver without losing clubhead speed; the result produces even more distance.
  • Shaft length: it is the essential factor in golf. According to the golf’s rule, the max length of a driver must be 48 inches. However, many companies produce shafts with a range of between 43-46 inches. Shorter shafts are more comfortable to control than longer shafts. Most often, golfers with a faster swing would enjoy the feel of heavier while players having slower swing would enjoy the lighter and softer flexes.
  • Club loft: loft is a measurement of the angle of the clubface at a time when it’s sitting on the ground. A driver with a loft of less than 10 degrees will produce lower shots, while the loft higher than 10 degrees will result in higher arcing shots. Most often, the driver’s loft range is between 8-12 degrees. Generally, veteran golfers can control the low-loft clubs very well, while new golfers will need the higher loft driver.
  • Center of gravity: The CG (Center of gravity) in the driver is a point where the driver’s weight usually balanced. Most often, all the driver that has CG toward the back will produce little more lofts and higher backspin rate that will deliver great distance and accuracy for all golfers.
  • Adjustability: Today, there are so many advanced drivers that offer adjustability of the center of gravity and loft of the club while you are performing at a golf course. They come with a twistable collar near a clubhead to adjust the angle of the loft of a clubface. While few clubheads come with removable weight slugs, so now you can change the position of the club by changing the CG (center of gravity).

Best golf driver for women



1. The Best Value Women’s Driver: Cobra F Max Golf Driver


The new beautiful design on the face of Cobra F Max Women’s golf driver helps all mid and high handicap ladies golfers to keep the ball in more fairways and reduces the effect of mis-hit. If you are a female golfer and have a moderate swing speed, and think you don’t hit the ball longer on tee shots or unable to get the ball high launching flight, then this Cobra F Max women’s offset driver is perfect for you. It is specially designed as an offset driver that produces more distance even with slower swing and improves your overall shots and performance. So it is the best golf driver for women to fix your bad golf swing and add more distance to your shots.

Cobra redesigned this driver to offers a more forgiving contact point that helps all mid and high handicappers to keep their shots in the fairway. This F Max women’s offset driver is for women golfers who have moderate swing speed, and they prefer to use lightweight that produces effortless speed and distance.

It has larger grips than most of a men’s club and the grip made with a softer compound that offers more comfort when you are holding it, and as a result, it will improve your overall swing from the enhanced grip.

It features a lighter shaft, the lighter weight of the golf club help all gofers who have slower swing speed. This will help golfers to swing the driver faster, producing more power into the ball and a longer distance.

Cobra F Max offset driver designed to offers more comfort for all women having moderate swing speed.

The Cobra F max driver features a forged Titanium 6-4 face that offers faster ball speed over the whole face including mis-hit, which is most common among the golf players. This driver is for more forgiving.

The face of Cobra F Max also features slits on the heel side and toe side of the face, which left the center for helping you to align the ball-center in the clubface.

The shaft of Cobra F Mas offset driver is ultra-light and weighs only 46 g with a mid-high torque, low to mid kick point, and women’s flex that helps to offers faster swing speed.

The Cobra F Max women’s offset driver has a 15 degrees loft angle that usually equal to 3 woods. But the larger head size, which is 460 cc of the driver, makes the club more comfortable with making stable contact with the ball.

  • Ultra-light driver
  • Forged face and design
  • Offset design
  • Best for women
  • More forgiving
  • Produce straight and off-center shots with great distance
  • Costly


2. The Best Driver for Beginner Ladies: TaylorMade RBZ Driver

TaylorMade Women's RBZ Driver


The TaylorMade Women’s RBZ driver is the best golf driver for women at a very reasonable price. This RBZ is an ultra-light, high-tech driver that helps to produce long distances as much as possible of the tee.

This TaylorMade driver has predominantly featured a black clubhead, which is the most popular among women golfers.

It has very minimal graphics, and overall design is very clean and elegant, a small RBZ logo displays in the middle of the clubface, while thin blue lines enhance its classic shape and give confidence beyond the golf ball.

The TaylorMade RBZ comes in three different lofts, 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees. It has an adjustable sleeve that allows you to rotate the shaft to fine-tune the loft further. All ladies golfers who have a fast swing, they must start with 9 degrees of loft, while the slower golfers can go with 12 degrees. The players having an average swing speed should go for a 10.5 degree.

The head of the driver is 460 cubic centimeters in size, which considers as the largest. The large size of the head offers a huge sweet spot that contains almost the whole clubface. Even if you hit the golf ball far out on the toe or heel of the clubface, the feel will pure, and the golf ball bounces off the clubface.

The stock shaft of TaylorMade RBZ driver is quite impressive. It only weighs 55 grams, having a white tie model which considers the best and most famous shaft in the golf.

The minimal alignment features are incredibly useful that allows you to aim the club in an accurate direction. The groove pattern of the clubface is also handy in focusing your eyes right at the place where it should be.

To adjust the loft of this driver is very easy. All you need to unscrew the clubhead from the shaft with the help of a tool and choose the setting you would like to switch, which is clearly labeled for lower and higher loft, and then screw the shaft back into a clubhead.

  • Excellent shaft with adjustable loft
  • Design for ball speed
  • Improve your overall performance
  • Come with minimal alignment features


3. Cobra Women’s KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)

Cobra Women's KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)


The Cobra Women’s King F6 golf driver is one of the most advanced drivers available in the market for women. It is the best golf driver for women that help to produce greater distance and consistency. You can now customize the fantastic Cobra King F6 Titanium driver to suite your swing perfectly. Now you can improve your overall performance on any course by using the McFly technology and CG tuning to maximize the distance of your club.

One of the key features in this club is the center of gravity tuning. It helps you to adjust the center of gravity by moving from front to back.

It means you can optimize launch and spin conditions. By moving the weight to shift the CG closer to the front, you will get a lower flight while moving it back will result in higher flight and greater forgiveness; either way, you will get more distance.

Its unique border around the clubface help to increase the ball speed as you hit to add an extra yard to every single shot.

The McFly technology provides you eight adjustable loft settings. It allows you to control the ball trajectory and fine-tune your driver. The new forged Titanium E9 clubface on this 460 cc driver also features adjustable face thickness, which means higher ball speeds and more distance even at the off-center strikes.

The incredibly forgiving driver allows you to swing with more confidence and hit the ball fairway every time. You can get the Cobra Women’s King F6 either in silver or raspberry finish.

Cobra Women’s King F6 golf driver available in both right and left-handed models with the Matrix VLCT SP graphite shaft and considers the best golf driver for women.

  • Great versatility that suit ladies golfers
  • Forged E9 clubface
  • Eight adjustable loft
  • Center of gravity tuning
  • As it has a lot of adjustabilities that could confuse you


4. The Top Women’s Driver for : Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway Women's Rogue Driver


Callaway Women’s Rogue Driver is one of the best golf drivers for ladies available in the market. They are the largest provider of golf equipment, so they come up with the best driver for all women golfers. Its key benefits are to increase the ball speed and offers more forgiving.

Due to new jailbreak technology, the Callaway Women’s Rogue driver produces the fastest ball speeds among all ladies’ golf drivers. Jailbreak technology is the two lightweight but durable titanium bars which inserted behind the clubface to connect the sole of the clubhead and crown. This helps to deliver more power to the ball, and you will get the long-hitting drive on the course.

For the lady golfers, to get long distance off the tee most often comes down to launching the ball higher to get more distance. Callaway Rogue women’s driver suits it correctly as they re-designed the overall weight system in this driver, shifting more weight low in the clubhead and back to increases the MOI for better launch at impact.

Callaway also has adjustable face technology in the driver. But Callaway Rogue is much thinner and lighter around the edge of the face with a slightly thicker middle.

The X-Shape VFT design helps to increase the sweet spot and make it one of the most forgiving and best golf drivers for women.

The head of the Callaway women’s Rogue driver is 460 cc. It comes with a carbon crown, which saves some extra weight the help to produce faster swing speeds.

  • Has jailbreak technology which produces faster shots
  • Great distance and accuracy
  • X-Face VFT that helps to manage higher impact shots
  • Relatively costly
  • No much variety in the shaft selection


5. TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Ultra-lite Driver

TaylorMade Women's Kalea Ultra-lite Driver


The TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Ultra-lite driver has the speed pocket, which is installed into the driver and irons. It sits behind the clubface edge. This speed pocket helps the clubface to flex more, which produces faster golf speed from the face. It also helps to launch the golf ball higher and longer, which results in longer distance and tee shots.

TaylorMade Women’s Kalea has a better face groove design that helps with spin and forgiveness. It also features a larger sweet spot, which allows slight mis-hit but still produces a great result.

The TaylorMade Kalea Women’s driver also has a lighter weight that helps female golfers to swing faster. This driver has ultra-light shaft the produces higher launch, more clubhead speed, and improves the overall performance off the tee.

Most often, the female golfers struggle to get a perfect flight. The TaylorMade driver does outstanding at launching drives higher due to its deep and low center of gravity.

  • Quality ultra-light shaft
  • Low & deep CG (center of gravity)
  • Elegant, durable design
  • Excellent ball speed and distance
  • Very costly


6. Callaway Golf Women’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Callaway Golf Women's Great Big Bertha Epic Driver


Callaway golf equipment is the most popular and tends to bit more expensive than other similar brands.

They produce high-quality golf equipment. Callaway Women’s Big Bertha Epic Driver has the most advanced and innovative technology, which is known as Jailbreak technology.

Jailbreak technology helps to deliver more speed and distance.

It has ultra-light titanium rods which offer more versatility, stability which makes it the best golf driver for women as the clubface is 20% thinner than other Callaway’s brands.

Big Bertha Women Epic driver offers more control over the golf ball, which is best for the new female golfers.

It saves your energy and distributes it from head to toe to provide more forgiveness. So if you are up to more forgiveness, then this Callaway Women’s driver is the best golf driver for women.

This driver packed with a flexible 17 g sliding weight in the back of a club that allows you to produce your desired shot shape.

It also comes with an option to select one of four high-performance shafts, which help to improve speed, stability, power, and comfort when you play at a golf course.

  • Best golf driver for women with a sleek glossy finish
  • Innovative Jailbreak technology
  • Four high-performance shafts selection option
  • Offers great forgiveness
  • May need more adjustability for some golfers


7. Adams Golf Women’s M2657503 Golf

Adams Golf Women's M2657503 Golf


This beautiful Adam Golf Women’s M2657503 is one of the best gold drivers for ladies that stand out from other similar drivers with its elegant silver colors and many features. It has dominated the golf course for a long time.

It is specially designed for women golfers. The sole of Adams women’s golf driver head provides a velocity slot that improves the ball speed even with a slow swing.

The combination of silver and blue color of this golf driver boost your confidence of female golfers to put some decent score on board with incredible strikes.

The ultra-light graphite shaft offers incredible speed, even with a slower swing of the female.

This golf driver provides maximum ball speed due to its progressive clubface thickness. The driver is adjustable by using the screw in the sole to improve the weight of your swing.

  • Beautiful silver and blue color
  • Has a thinner and lighter club face which helps the female golfers to produce more club-speed
  • Ultra-light graphite shaft
  • Velocity slot technology
  • Costly

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